19″ Sliding Panels

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Our panels are designed with an emphasis on ease-of-use and access. They allow for up to 96 connections per 1U. The panels are available empty, preloaded or configured with blanks and cable management to suit your requirements. Their shallow depth allows for installation in all standard 19” racks and wall-mount enclosures.


•1U 19” panels (black standard, other colours to order)

•LC, SC, ST, FC or E2000 adaptors

•Sliding tray for easy access complete with quick release fastenings and 45˚ working position

•Rigid, lightweight construction

•Recessable adaptors and mounting ears to maximise space for patching

•Large port identification write-on fields

•Interchangeable front plate for maximum flexibility

•Raised slots in the panel base allow for customised fibre-management configurations and additional securing for incoming cables

•Knock out entry for large diameter cables

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Manufacturer : Blue Helix
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