WS 50A Adjustable Stripper

Price on Application

Ripley WS 50 adjustable URD end stripper is used when splicing, jointing and terminating both HV and LV overhead power, transmission and distribution cables.

Ripley WS 50 series is for 1/0 AWG to 100 MCM URD cable and 12.7 to 57.15mm cable O.D. The adjustable URD end stripper is easily operated by two handles and can be used on plastic, XLPE, polyethylene and EPR insulation of all thickness.

The WS 50A comes with an adjustable strip stop bar giving an exact stripped conductor length and can be rotated to allow unlimited stripping.

In addition, the CB 50 blade included provides safe clean, cuts that help to prevent conductor damage and the WS 50 tool is adjustable to fit a wide range of cable O.Ds.


Manufacturer : Ripley
Manufacturer Part No : 30713

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