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R&M is a leading Swiss manufacture of passive cabling solutions. We offer our Partners in the market of a high quality system capable of handling all future requirements within our R&Mfreenet system. With R&Mfreenet you can be sure that the components will always be compatible with each other, from individual connectivity to entire sets of building equipment and extended campus infrastructures.

R&Mfreenet is an open-ended, modular cabling system for building up high-performance fibre optic and copper networks. It covers the entire spectrum of passive connection and distribution technology in accordance with ISO/IEC11801, EN50173-x and TIA568-x. R&Mfreenet supports all present and upcoming applications and can handle any operating environments.

Modular cabling systems from R&M gives more latitude in design and layout. With our comprehensive range, you can choose items that best fit your network design. Combine fibre optic and copper solutions with our modular approach.

Our copper Solutions:

R&M offer unsurpassed breadth of copper solutions recognized globally for the Enterprise, Data Centre, Industrial and Residential, Shielded and Unshielded Category 5e through to our award winning Category 6A solution,. We design networks that guarantee the best possible transmission rates and the highest level of network reliability tailored to your individual requirements.

R&Mfreenet Cat. 6 Real 10 and Cat. 6

The Cat. 6 Real 10 and Cat. 6 product series from R&M are efficient and proven RJ45 cabling systems for voice and data applications. These top-performing products are the ideal choice for applications of up to 10 Gigabit/s (channel) and transmission frequencies of up to 500 MHz.

R&Mfreenet Cat. 6A (ISO)

Cat. 6A from R&M. The highest performing copper cabling of all time in a universal RJ45 format. It opens up a whole new dimension and delivers incredible performance.

Demanding applications involving 10 Gigabit/s Ethernet and 500 MHz bandwidths receive security backup reserves hitherto unknown. The new ISO/IEC standards Cat. 6A and Class EA for shielded and unshielded systems have paved the way.

Market oriented data centres must guarantee the highest availability and operational security. The higher the frequency of the application, the more perfect the signal transmission has to be. The high density infrastructure must support many migrations to ensure a profitable and sustainable investment.

To enable optimum transmission performance, ISO/IEC24764 and EN50173-5 specify Category 6A (ISO) and Class EA for the copper cabling infrastructure in the data centre. TIA-942-A specifies the use of Category 6A (TIA) copper cabling, which represents a lower performance compared to the more demanding ISO/IEC standard.

Cat. 6A is the best, for today and tomorrow.

Our Fibre Solutions:

To complement our copper solutions R&M offer a full range of mulitmode and single fibre solutions for the Enterprise, Data Centre, Campus Environment and FTTx. Solutions include traditional splicing, pre-terminated and MTP connectivity for the private and public markets.

The solutions offer a full portfolio including E2000 connectivity, high density optical distribution frame and external enclosures and cabinets for the FTTx market.

R&Mfreenet OM3/OM4

R&Mfreenet OM3/OM4 solutions mean security guaranteed up to the limits of the 850 nm VCSEL transmission technology for structured cabling. This is true of entire applications involving transmission speeds of up to 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit.

The system receives unique support from the advanced assembling technology for all types of FO connectors. The end faces of the connectors undergo special treatment. They achieve insertion loss (IL) values that cause no data loss even if the system’s capacities are being fully utilized. With the different grades, customers can plan and operate systems based on their own specific needs.

For the fibre optic cabling infrastructure, ISO/IEC24764, EN50173-5 and TIA-942-A specify OM3/OM4 multimode fibre. The wide R&M assortment of high quality multimode fibres meets all of the requirements of data centre applications.

R&Mfreenet OS2

With OS2, R&M satisfies the toughest requirements for all single-mode applications of up to 100 Gigabit/s. This product leads the way in the termination of single-mode connectors with maximum RL value (return loss). OS2 easily satisfies the requirement for data transmission output and transmission reliability in all modes of operation.

The optic fibres in this system are designed for operating all laser models and they support wavelength multiplexing. With the lowest loss values of all components in the transmission channel, they increase the flexibility of network design. R&M is a trailblazer with LC and LSH connectors where laser protection is an integral part of the connector.

For the fibre optic cabling infrastructure, ISO/IEC24764, EN50173-5 and TIA-942-A specify OS1/OS2 singlemode fibre. The wide R&M assortment of high quality singlemode fibres meets all of the requirements of data centre applications.

As the requirements for bandwidth in the office cabling and data centre environment are continuously rising, the importance of a reliable infrastructure remains a key issue. The longer it will last the more positive the impact on cost of ownership.

The R&Mfreenet Warranty System

Support for partners

The R&M Qualified Partner Program (QPP) covers training, certification and long-term support for all R&M partners who sell the R&Mfreenet cabling system on the market and use it in planning and installation as well as in on-going operations. With QPP, R&M ensures top-notch training and installation worldwide. R&M uses only highly qualified employees from its own ranks as instructors. They are recertified every year.

R&Mfreenet training to become a qualified installer

Electricians from the partner companies invest an entire day familiarizing themselves with R&Mfreenet components, completing the connections, and so forth. After passing the training units, an electrician bears the title R&Mfreenet Qualified Copper Installer and/or R&Mfreenet Qualified Fibre Optics Installer. These people receive an R&M ID and unrestricted permission to install R&Mfreenet. R&M extends a five-year product warranty on all installations carried out by qualified installers.

R&Mfreenet training to become a certified partner

R&M offers two higher QPP labels with certification for experts, project managers and managers. After taking a two-day training course and passing a qualification test, these individuals attain the title R&Mfreenet Certified Installation Manager or R&Mfreenet Certified Designer.

Certified installation managers are responsible for proper and professional installation and for quality control for R&Mfreenet systems. They receive comprehensive support from R&M. They can give their customers a twenty five year R&M system warranty for correctly installed structured cabling solutions. Certified designers take full responsibility for projects, for compliance with standards and for the proper and professional implementation of the cabling system. They work according to R&M installation and quality guidelines. They have a decisive influence on the performance and operational reliability of the planned data and communication networks. R&M extends a life-long application warranty for any projects they carry out.

Who should use QPP?

Installers, network planners and designers, distributors, distribution partners, IT consultants, service and maintenance personnel, users, network administrators, facility managers.

How to become an R&M partner

Talk with the R&M market organization in your country. If you are serious about offering your customers products and installation work of impeccable quality, we are certain to come to an agreement.

The many advantages of QPP

Best products, reliability, warranties, exclusive terms and conditions, latest professional expertise, hotline, technical support, logistics, sharing of experiences, personal contact…

Expertise and a good reputation

QPP participants receive continuing education credits (CEC) from the professional IT association BICSI, putting them well on their way to becoming internationally recognized network experts (RCDD)




R&M Training Courses

R&M Qualified Partner Program Training Courses Overview

R&M Qualified Partner Program - Basic Training Courses (Qualified)

R&M Qualified Partner Program - Expert Training Courses with Certification

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